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Ed Stafford Forest Smock Moss


Ridgeline Ed Stafford Forest Smock Moss 

This smock was born of a shared ambition to design garments that better meet the challenges of today’s real world users. 

Ed Stafford has been there, done it, got the frost bite and been soaked to the bone - enduring some of the planet’s most hostile environments. Partnering with Ridgeline, they decided to create a smock that could perform whatever was thrown at it. 
It reflects many months of sharing expertise, combining ethos, evolving solutions, and tearing up traditional thinking. Central to the process was a refusal to compromise on function and materials and Ed’s desire to overcome the usual limitations associated with outdoor wear. 
The result is an all-new, feature-laden smock which is every inch a Ridgeline, but taken to the next level by being Ed Stafford’s Ridgeline.