Puull Shooting Glases 3 färger

Size Guide

Beretta Puull Shooting Glases 3 Colours

Puull is a 3 lenses eyeglasses specifically engineered and designed for shooters to provide unparalleled fit factors and optical superiority. The Puull eyeglasses have a superior wraparound and extraordinary optical protection, they are conceived to maximized the focus of the athlete on his target. Color:Scarlet: Designed for balanced color enhancement Bright sun - collecting clouds - white sky High resolution - crisp detail Color:Light Purple Designed to kill green back True depth of background Enhance orange target Color:Light Magenta Designed to boost target orange Medium yellow light Vibrant color enhancement
  • Frame matte black
  • Rubber adjustable temple tips earmuff compatible
  • Personalized temple in orange with raised chrome logo
  • Adjustable nose piece compatible with clip on insert
  • Ergonomic lens shape
  • Beretta logo printed on the lens
  • Patrol case with 3 set of lenses easy to change:
  • Scarlet
  • Light Purple
  • Magenta
  • Anti sweat insert
  • Ventilation laser cut holes on the lens
  • Microfiber cloth.