Benedict & Hott


Shooting Jacket Teviot Tweed


Benedict & Hott Shooting Jacket Teviot Tweed

B&H 2 button blazer takes design ideas from both country and city, which makes it suitable for a day on the peg & on the Kings Road. Following the best tailoring traditions, the checks match precisely and only the finest sheep leather has been sourced for the leather trim.

B&H have used a 430 g pure new wool cloth for our lighter weight jackets, with a Teflon® coating to ensure a highly water resistant and hardwearing finish to the garment.

The details of this garment set it apart from the standard off the peg blazer. With lycra storm cuff to keep cold air out, a turnback cuff at the end of the sleeve, that’s a subtle Edwardian detail that was popular on tweed sports coats of the 50’s & 60’s.

Large patch bellow patch pockets that can accommodate plenty of shells. The blazer also has brown leather shoulder patch, inner leather pocket flap & under collar. To accommodate an impact protection pad, we have sewn an inner right hand side shoulder pocket.

  • Colours and Weave: Green Check & Brown Check
  • Material: Pure New Wool, Acetate, Leather & Lycra.
  • Woven By: Lovat Mill, Hawick